“We must focus on the fingertips when washing our hands”

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Hervé Soule is a medical officer at Pontivy-Loudéac hospital (Brittany). He also works at the Geneva University Hospitals alongside Professor Didier Pittet, the infectious disease specialist who imposed the use of hydroalcoholic gel and who chairs the assessment mission for the management of the health crisis in France.

Isn’t hand hygiene an area that has been spoken about?

Six years ago, when Dr Didier Pittet suggested that I join him at the Geneva University Hospitals to work on hand hygiene, I was only supposed to stay there for three months. Before joining this team, this area was not my cup of tea. I thought it was a given. And then I put my foot in it, and I saw that we still had a lot to discover.

Actions to protect yourself from the coronavirus (and those that are useless)

What progress has been made?

The first work of Dr. Pittet aimed to impose hydroalcoholic gel over hand washing, which was little respected by caregivers. In the hospital, before the 1990s, we used antiseptic soap. He was p

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