VIDEO. “How were they dressed?” : after the passage of storm Alex in the Alpes-Maritimes, the delicate identification of the victims

September 19, 2020 by No Comments

We still do not know the precise human toll of the severe bad weather that hit the Alpes-Maritimes at the beginning of October. Research continues in the region. Identifying bodies in these types of circumstances is a very complicated job. The gendarmes of the Criminal Research Institute are specialists in the identification of victims. Two of them are expected in Tende, where a crisis unit has been set up at the station. There, they meet the families of the disappeared, those whose parents were swept away by the waves, in their houses or their cars.

Then begins a painful, delicate mission: to collect all the elements, the details, which will make it possible to identify the bodies. “We are going to ask questions about the way they were dressed at the time of the disappearance, notions also of the presence of piercing, tattoo”, explains Squadron Leader Fontava. The rest of the investigation takes place in Nice, in a mobile laboratory, set up specifically to analyze the samples taken in the field.

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