Véronique Cayla and Éric Toledano, a tandem to pacify the Caesars

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Unsurprisingly, it was Véronique Cayla who was elected Tuesday, September 29 at the head of the Academy of Cinema Arts and Techniques, replacing Alain Terzian who had directed it since 2003. The tandem that the former boss of Arte, with director Eric Toledano as vice-president, was the only one to stand for these positions. Two personalities “Very different” and “Highly respected” in the middle of the cinema, underlined the producer Margaret Menegoz who assured the interim.

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The election of a woman, who moreover has a managerial profile, is symbolic as the crisis that shook this institution at the beginning of the year had highlighted the opacity, the lack of parity and the practice of interpersonal skills which had reigned there for years under the influence of its former president, Alain Terzian. A crisis that had culminated during the last ceremony, when the director Roman Polanski, targeted by accusations of rape, was awarded the César for best director for his film I accuse on the Dreyfus affair.

Experience and knowledge of the environment

“We both, of course, understood your request for parity, transparency, diversity and democracy”, declared Véronique Cayla after her election, according to a speech sent to the press. “With you, (…) we will be able to invent a new model for the César, a collective, imaginative model (…) to overcome the current difficulties, in particular health”, she continued. Vice-President Eric Toledano added that he wanted “Bring back a little calm and appeasement after a long time when the word Caesar was often associated with the word controversy”.

Véronique Cayla, 70, is no stranger to professionals since she has held various management positions in the film and television industry. At the head of the Arte channel since 2011, a position she left this summer, this Sciences-Po graduate who worked for the Ministry of Culture was successively Managing Director of the Cannes Film Festival from 2000 to 2005 before chairing the Center. national cinema and moving image (CNC) until his appointment as head of Arte. She was also the n ° 2 of the MK2 group of Marin Karmitz from 1992 to 1999.

Pacifying a very divided profession

An experience and knowledge of the field which will be very useful for him to pacify an institution still in the throes of controversy and to prepare the next ceremony traditionally scheduled at the end of February / beginning of March. Despite the complete overhaul of its statutes at the beginning of July which led to the complete renewal of the 170 members of the General Assembly and established parity in all its bodies, the retention within it of former president Alain Terzian and historic members among whom Roman Polanski has again aroused mistrust.

Two-thirds of the representatives of the new assembly denounced in mid-September, in a forum addressed to AFP, a ” lack of transparency “, however excluding any collective resignation. The election of this equal duo should help restore calm. The personality of Eric Toledano, successful director, member of the board of directors of Arp (civil society of authors, directors and producers), who joined in criticism of the former management, as well as that of Véronique Cayla, whose managerial qualities were praised during his presidency of the Franco-German channel, appear to be complementary and sufficiently consensual to achieve this.

It will then be up to the board of directors elected tomorrow (46 people) and its new management to agree on the contours of the next ceremony to respond to criticism from the profession. Broadcast each year by Canal +, it must become “More agile, more flexible, more dynamic”, said Véronique Cayla despite the health crisis and a budgetary context that is likely to be strained.


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