Tickets for the World Cup “Qatar 2022” anger the world’s fans

January 21, 2022 by No Comments

The hike in ticket prices for matches in the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which will be held at the end of this year in Qatar, has angered public associations around the world.

The 2022 World Cup will start on November 21 and will continue until December 18, the first time that the tournament will be held during the winter season.

The World Cup Organizing Committee announced the start of the first phase of ticket sales on Wednesday, and will continue until February 8.

And the Associated Press said that fans discovered an increase in the cost of attending the 2022 FIFA World Cup Final in Qatar by up to 46 percent compared to the previous edition of the tournament, which was held in Russia.

According to the agency, this sharp rise in the prices of tickets for the final match of the tournament sponsored by the International Football Association “FIFA”, contrasts with the prices of tickets for the group stage matches, which witnessed a decline, which fans can apply for online.

The price of the most expensive tickets offered for the final, which will be held on December 18, at Lusail Stadium, amounted to 5,850 Qatari riyals (1,607 US dollars), an increase of 46 percent compared to 1,100 dollars for the final of the 2018 edition that France won at the expense of Croatia.

The value of tickets for the second category to attend the match amounted to 3,650 Qatari riyals (1,003 US dollars), an increase of 41 percent compared to 710 US dollars for the final that took place four years ago.

The cost of third-class tickets, the cheapest tickets available to foreign fans, is 2,200 Qatari riyals ($604), a third more than $455 in the previous edition of the World Cup.

The value of the final tickets for the fourth category for local residents has also increased, from the equivalent of 110 US dollars in Russia to 750 Qatari riyals (206 US dollars).

The prices of the cheapest tickets for seats on public sale internationally to watch the host country’s match at the opening of the World Cup on November 21 increased by 37 percent to reach $302 (1100 QR) compared to $220 in the Russia version.

There is also a 13 percent increase for Category Two tickets to $440 (1,600 QR) from $390, and a similar jump from $550 in Russia to $618 (QAR 2,250) for the most expensive opening match tickets.

As for other matches in the group stage, Qatari residents can buy tickets for 40 Qatari riyals (11 US dollars), the cheapest price for locals since the 1986 World Cup in Mexico.

The cheapest tickets for international sale are the lowest since the 2006 World Cup in Germany, at 250 Qatari riyals ($69).

While the prices of tickets for the first category increased slightly from 210 US dollars to 220 US dollars (800 Qatari riyals), while tickets for the second category will remain at 165 US dollars.

FIFA aims to generate $500 million in hospitality rights and ticket sales across Qatar’s eight stadiums, which are located within a 30-mile radius of Doha.

Some fans may still avoid traveling to Qatar for the World Cup after a number of criticisms of Doha’s treatment of migrant workers, mostly from southwest Asia who have been relied on to build infrastructure since Qatar won the rights to host the World Cup in 2010.

And the director of the International Fans Project in the European Group, Matt Willis, confirmed in his analysis of the matter during statements to the British newspaper “Daily Mail” that ticket prices may cause fans to refuse to travel to the first World Cup in history to be held in the Middle East.

He concluded: “There is a significant and striking increase in ticket prices that will discourage fans from traveling to watch the matches.”

While the European Football Fans Group, one of the major fan links in the Old Continent, which is the main umbrella for European football fans around the world, commented on the matter, saying: “The 2022 World Cup is the most expensive World Cup in the history of the tournament, the affordable tickets have been greatly reduced. “.


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