This woman has become the mother of so many children at the age of 23, you will be shocked to know

February 13, 2021 by No Comments

Internet desk. In today’s time, raising two children well is also a big thing for a person. Today, the person prefers to have a small family. Not so with Georgia’s Christina Oztark. She has become the mother of 11 children at the age of only 23. They believe that if children can be raised properly then there is no problem in producing more children.

Christina Oztark of Georgia is raising 11 children. The eldest daughter of this woman is 6 years old. Accordingly, she became a mother only at the age of 17.

Christina Oztark, the property owner of crores, belongs to a wealthy family. She remains in the headlines on social media due to her family. Oztark continues to share photos with her children. According to the news, Christina Oztark wants 105 children. However, Christina Oztark, born in Moscow, Russia, gave birth to the eldest daughter. All the remaining ten children are born with surrogacy.


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