This famous actress is getting threats from unknown people, this was the mistake

September 15, 2021 by No Comments

A famous actress of Malayalam serials has filed a complaint of receiving threats from some unknown people. The name of the actress is Nimisha. In her complaint filed today, Nimisha said that she is receiving threats through social media and mobile. Let us tell you that the case of actress Nimisha wearing slippers on a boat in Palliyodam and violating temple rules for religious rituals is being investigated.

The same actress said that when she found out what she did "Wrong" and was against the customs and practices, he immediately removed the photo sitting on the holy boat from social media. Talking to reporters, the actress said, "I didn’t know that it was wrong to climb the Palliodam (ritual snake boat) and it was only for temple traditions. I immediately deleted the picture as soon as I came to know, but since then I have been receiving threats from unknown people and they are saying abusive things to me."

He also said that these people are not even leaving their families. Nimisha said that if the temple management or the local people had informed her about this, she would not have even stepped on the boat. The police have registered a complaint against Nimisha and one of her friends under section 153 of the IPC. Nimisha was also with her friend when she allegedly hurt people’s sentiments.


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