The shadow of the Conflans tragedy hung over the trial of the January 2015 attacks

April 16, 2020 by No Comments

How to reconcile the past to be judged and the sudden irruption of the present? Monday, October 19, the immense shock caused by the terrorist assassination of history and geography professor Samuel Paty hangs over the trial of the January 2015 attacks even more than elsewhere. Both cases have common points: the caricatures of Mahomet in “Charlie Hebdo” but also the tremors provoked at all levels of society by acts of terrorism.

Impossible to continue as if nothing had happened. On the first day of this new week, the president of the special assize court, Régis de Jorna, therefore takes the floor for an unusual message related to “Events” : “When the Assize Court resumes the proceedings […], she wishes to express her emotion following the assassination of the teacher who died simply because she showed her students [ce que signifiait] notions of freedom of expression. “

FOLDER. “Charlie Hebdo”, Hyper Cacher: our articles on the January 2015 terrorist attacks

Several lawyers take the floor including Richard Malka, lawyer of “Charlie Hebdo”, to briefly retrace the history of these drawings which caused so much hatred and so many deaths. “We were right to publish the cartoons. Samuel Paty was right to talk about it ”, he concludes, while a second later the hearing already resumes normally.

Very high threat level

The magistrate and essayist Denis Salas correctly observes on Twitter that the brief text read by the

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