The film crisis seen by four major festival directors

September 27, 2020 by No Comments

► Gian Luca Farinelli, Bologna Festival

For the director of the Bologna Cinematheque and the Il Cinema Ritrovato festival, the year 2020 is a “Year zero”, in particular because, “For the first time in their history, cinemas have closed their doors, screens are dead”.

If he admits that he “It is difficult to imagine that the cinema will be as before”, Gian Luca Farinelli remains convinced that “The cinema will always be there to bring us together”.

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► Jose Luis Rebordinos, Festival of San Sebastián

In his interview with The cross, the director of the 68e edition of the SSIF attempts to shape the future of a struggling industry. Her “Greatest concern” concerned “The cinemas”.

According to him, the pandemic due to the coronavirus has only increased the consumption of films on online platforms. “New technologies and domestic equipment have already transformed the way images are consumed. The pandemic has only accelerated this development “, he says.

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► Thierry Frémaux, Festival de Cannes and Festival Lumière

The general delegate of the Cannes Film Festival and director of the Lumière Institute in Lyon, despite the health situation, wanted to celebrate the cinema by organizing a “concentrate of the Cannes Festival”, from October 27 to 29.

Thierry Frémaux is optimistic about the future of cinema. ” In France, fifteen million people have gone to the cinema since June 22. It is not the same thing to watch movies at home and to go out to go to a room in the middle of the audience., he says. The filmmakers have returned to filming. The desire is still there. Cinema will never die! “

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► Alberto Barbera, Venice Film Festival

For the artistic director of the Venice Film Festival, the long period of confinement has considerably increased the role of platforms (Netflix, Amazon, Apple) which “Are increasingly part of the panorama of contemporary cinema”.

The consequence, according to him, is that the risk of seeing theaters disappear is “Real”. “The real challenge is to save the experience of rooms that we cannot give up, that we cannot give up. It has been part of the cinema adventure from the start. To see a film in the middle of the public on a big screen remains the best way to discover a film », he says.

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