They were called houses of correction or correction. At the time, the just-nascent justice system for minors, or the families Read More

On September 5, in the Côtes-d’Armor, filming of the film adapted from the comic strip began Green algae. L‘forbidden story. Read More

“In life as on screen, he is impulsive, casual, joker, and always without filter…” In the documentary Belmondo, the incorrigibledirector Read More

Here is a beautiful birthday present, moving and demanding, prestigious and audacious, humanist and realistic! In short, like Arte. Before Read More

Jonas Poher Rasmussen still can’t believe it. The career of his very beautiful animated film, Flee, exceeded all his expectations. Read More

Lying on the right of his skis, a swerve to the left, stepping over some fir trees, before paragliding towards Read More

Boom Boom ** by Laurie Lassalle French documentary, 1h50 1er December 2018. Paris blazes under the camera of Laurie Lassalle. Read More

Mizrahim, the forgotten of the promised land *** by Michale Boganim Franco-Israeli documentary, 1 h 33 The term Mizrahim is Read More