Subtle, funny, edifying, romantic… The cinema releases of September 14

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Chronicle of a temporary liaison ***

by Emmanuel Mouret

French film, 1 h 40

Emmanuel Mouret returns with a sparkling sentimental comedy about the disagreements between the feminine and the masculine in which Sandrine Kiberlain and Vincent Macaigne subtly play on their differences.

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Honorary citizen **

by Mohamed Hamidi

French film, 1 h 36

honorary citizenfunny and sensitive fiction carried by Kad Merad and Fatsah Bouyahmed, addresses questions of identity and cultural heritage, in an Algeria wavering between young hopefuls and corruption.

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Babi Yar. Context **

by Sergei Loznitsa

Dutch-Ukrainian film, 2 h 02

Ukrainian director Sergei Loznitsa delivers an edifying documentary on the massacre of more than 30,000 Jews at the Babi Yar ravine, near which he lived as a child.

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About Joan *

by Laurent Lariviere

French film, 1 h 40

In competition at the last Berlinale, Laurent Larivière’s film paints the romantic portrait of a wounded woman who plunges back into her memories, but is disconcerting by a tone that hesitates between comedy and tragedy.

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