Shows, concerts, bars and restaurants… What changes from Wednesday June 30

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► Concerts

The standing concerts can resume on June 30, with a gauge of 75% indoors. On the outside, the gauge is 100%. The measure also concerns festivals, for which the 4 m gauge2 by festival-goer is abandoned.

For concerts welcoming more than 1,000 spectators, a “health pass” is required (proof of vaccination, recent negative test, proof of recovery from Covid-19) and wearing a mask is no longer compulsory but recommended. The mask remains compulsory outdoors and indoors for concerts of less than 1,000 people, where the health pass is not required.

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The seated concerts, already authorized since June 9 in tonnage limited to 65%, switch to a tonnage of 100%. As with standing concerts, a sanitary pass is required for seated concerts of more than 1,000 people. The rules for wearing a mask are the same as for standing concerts.

Benoît Olla, director of the A Aviation concert hall in Lille, believes that the authorization to resume standing concerts “Implies on-the-fly adaptations”, such as the implementation of the sanitary pass, “A millefeuille of conditions”. “A person who comes one day with his health pass for an event of more than 1000 people, and who returns the following week to see a concert at the Club (room of 450 to 650 people of the Aircraft, editor’s note), she will show us her health pass and we will tell her that today there is no need, but on the other hand she is obliged to put on a mask ”.

“There are always strangers”, also underlines Benoît Olla. “Will we be allowed to sit or stand to drink a beer or a fruit juice during a concert?” With or without health pass? “

► Theaters, cinemas, performance halls

In seated performance halls, theaters and cinemas, the gauge limits are no longer in effect. The mask remains mandatory and a health pass must be presented at events of more than 1,000 people (except cinemas).

► Nightclubs

For nightclubs, nothing changes on June 30. It will be necessary to wait until July 9th to return, reopening date set by the government. Access will be reserved for holders of a health pass and a 75% gauge will be applied inside. Outdoors, the gauge goes to 100%. Inside and out, wearing a mask will not be compulsory, but recommended.

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► Museums

Museums will now be able to accommodate the public at their maximum capacity, with gauges increasing to 100% of their staff. The mask remains compulsory there as well as the barrier gestures and the rules of distancing.

► Bars and restaurants

The capacity is increased to 100% for bars and restaurants, indoors and on terraces. Service and consumption at the counter are still prohibited in bars, as is consumption while standing.

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► Stadiums, sports halls, swimming pools

Stadiums, arenas, racetracks, indoor and outdoor swimming pools can accommodate the public without any gauge limit. Access to them remains reserved for holders of a health pass during events of more than 1,000 people. A maximum ceiling may also be set by the prefects, depending on the local health situation. Contact sports are now allowed for all audiences.


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