Shiva’s tripund applied on the brain in Sawan

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Worshiping Lord Shiva in the month of Sawan is considered best. It is considered the best month to please Lord Shiva. Throughout the month, devotees worship Lord Shiva and his family with full devotion. All Mondays of Sawan have their own importance. This year Sawan will start from 25th July and will continue till 22nd August. During this there will be a total of 4 Mondays. It is believed that worshiping Bholenath in the month of Sawan brings happiness, peace and prosperity. Jyotishacharya Anish Vyas, director of Pal Balaji Jyotish Sansthan, Jaipur, told that according to Shiv Purana, Bhasma is going to give all kinds of Mars. It is of two types. The first is Mahabhasma and the second is Swapabhasma. The three types of Mahabhasma are Sraut, Smarta and Laukik. Shraut and Smarta are meant for the dvijas and the lokik bhasma is for the use of all people. Dwijs should wear ashes by chanting the Vedic mantra. Other people can wear it without mantra. It has been told in Shiva Purana that the ashes made from burnt cow dung is called Agneya. That too is the substance of the tripunda. It is said to be necessary to rub ash with water in all parts of the body or to apply oblique tripunda. Lord Shiva and Vishnu also wear Tiryak Tripunda.

what is tripunda

According to Jyotishacharya Anish Vyas, the three oblique lines which are made with ashes in all the places like forehead etc. are called tripunda. From the middle part of the eyebrows till the end of the eyebrows, the bigger Tripund should be worn on the frontal. The line made from the middle of the thumb by making two lines with the middle finger and ring finger is called Tripunda. Or take ashes from the middle three fingers and wear a tripunda in the forehead with devotion.

9 deities in each line of tripund

According to Anish Vyasa, a world-renowned prophet and horoscope analyst, it has been told in the Shiva Purana that each of the three lines of the Tripunda has nine deities, which are situated in all the organs. In the first line of Tripunda, the first letter Akar, Garhpatya Agni, Prithvi, Dharma, Rajoguna, Rigveda, Kriyashakti, Pratah Savan and Mahadev are 9 gods. In the second line, the second letter of Pranava is Ukar, Dakshinagni, Akash, Sattvaguna, Yajurveda, Madhyandinsavan, Willpower, Antaratma and Maheshwar. The 9 deities of the third line are the third letter of Pranava, Makara, Ahavaniya Agni, Paramatma, Tamogun, Dulok, Jnanashakti, Samaveda, Third Savan and Shiva.

where to wear tripunda

Anish Vyas, a world-renowned prophet and horoscope analyst, told that Tripund should be applied at 32, 16, 8 or 5 places of the body. Head, Frontal, Both ears, Both eyes, Both nostrils, Mouth, Throat, Both hands, Both elbows, Both wrists, Heart, Both sides, Navel, Both testicles, Both femurs, Both gills, Both knees, Both shins and Both feet These are 32 great places. Due to lack of time, Tripunda cannot be applied at so many places, then it can be worn at five places on the head, both arms, heart and navel.


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