Series to get better – Prescription n ° 3: Recompose the family

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The sequence of confinements (and its perverse effect, chained confinements) allowed everyone to carry out, in situ, a qualitative audit of their family relationships. The experience being muddled by nature, the time to put it into perspective has now come. For that, nothing like a good cure of series on the subject. Since “Dallas” and a few others (moved thought for the mafiosi of the “Sopranos” and the undertakers of “Six Feet Under”), we know: with their myriad of characters, their ability to stretch time and their way of life. Embedding themselves in our intimacy, our modern sagas constitute a privileged observation post of painful legacies but also a laboratory of possible reinventions of clan relations.

To measure the weight of family history: “The Shtisels, a family in Jerusalem”

Doval’e Glickman, Ayelet Zurer, Michael Aloni, Neta Riskin in “the Shtisels, a family in Jerusalem”.

The Torah is not the only reference summoned in this Israeli series which takes root among ultra-Orthodox Jews. Launched in 2013 by Ori Elon and Yehonatan Indursky (long before becoming a phenomenon on Netflix), it also evokes the adoration of Kierkegaard for his fiancée. “How lucky he is to marry the one he loves!”, notes, melancholy, one of the heroes of “Shtisel”, on the point of having his destiny sealed by an arranged marriage. A friend reminds him that the Danish philosopher has broken off his engagement. “Yet it was

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