Recipe: Try this Janmashtami Almond and Saffron Kashmiri Naan Bread, know the recipe

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This year Krishna Janmashtami is being celebrated on the basis of Hindu calendar on 18th and 19th August respectively. This festival holds significance globally as Shri Krishna devotees celebrate this day with pomp. The festival of Janmashtami celebrates the birthday of Lord Krishna, also known as Gokulashtami in many places.

On the day of Janmashtami some people keep a fast and at midnight offer prayers to God and distribute prasad. You can make Badam and Kesar Kashmiri Naan Bread on the occasion of Janmashtami. Let’s know its recipe.

Recipe for Almond and Saffron Kashmiri Naan Bread:

for the dough

Flour 250 grams

Almond powder 50 grams

Desi Ghee (clarified butter) 40 grams

yeast 8 grams

salt 5 grams

fine sugar 50 grams

full fat milk 150 ml

Saffron gram

for bread topping

Almond pieces 15 grams

cranberries 5 grams

Tutti Frutti 5 grams

dry rose petals 5 g


knead the dough

• Heat the milk and soak saffron in it. Knead the dough by mixing all the ingredients in this milk.

• Divide the dough into 2 equal portions and leave to ferment for 20 minutes
baking bread

• Take a baking sheet and shape each dough into a round shape with your hands. it should be inch

Add almond pieces, cranberries, tutti frutti and dry rose petals over it.

• Let it proof for 5 minutes and then bake at 180c for 2-3 minutes or till it turns golden brown.


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