Punjab’s new CM specializes in tossing a coin, has great faith in astrology, there were allegations of sending obscene messages to women IAS, know who is Charanjit Singh Channi?

September 21, 2021 by No Comments

Internet desk.Charanjit Singh has taken oath as the new CM of Punjab today. Channi, MLA from Chamkaur Sahib, is the first Dalit Chief Minister of Punjab. It is believed that this is the Congress’s maststroke in Punjab. He belongs to the Ramdasiya community. In the next year 2022, the assembly is elected in Punjab. In Punjab, 32 percent voters are Dalits. His becoming CM will probably be a win-win deal for the Congress. Became MLA for the first time in 2007. After this, he has won consecutive assembly elections. He has also been the Leader of Opposition in the Shiromani Akali Dal-BJP alliance. Channi has also had a deep connection with controversies. Whether it was tossing a coin for someone’s election or sending obscene messages to a woman IAS. All this has also been his part.

Let us know today about the story of the controversies related to the new CM of Punjab, Charanjit Singh Channi.

1.In a video in 2018 Channi made a toss-up decision for the decision of two lecturer candidates which has been in great controversy. The video showed him tossing a coin to select among the candidates. BJP and Shiromani Akali Dal called upon the voters to remove him. On this the minister had said that both the candidates were equal. What do I do? He himself suggested this to me.

2. Charanjit Singh also believes deeply in astrology. He has done many of his works at the behest of astrologers. Channi was accused of even getting an illegal road constructed in an auspicious layout on the advice of his astrologer. However, it was later demolished by the Chandigarh government. On the advice of an astrologer, he even made an elephant ride at his house. So look like this Channi sahib.

3.The Aam Aadmi Party had also accused Channi and his nephew of being involved in illegal mining. Channi had replied that his family had no involvement in mining.

4. As the Technical Education Minister of Punjab, Channi was also accused of recommending the transfer of an Indian Administrative Service officer. Because they didn’t like him. At the same time, in another case, he has also been accused of sending obscene messages to a woman IAS officer Kavita Singh.



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