Presidential 2022: how Sandrine Rousseau left doubt about his “support” for Yannick Jadot after his defeat in the environmentalist primary

September 30, 2021 by No Comments

Is she green that she narrowly bowed? The unfortunate finalist in the ecological primary, Sandrine Rousseau, warned the winner, Yannick Jadot, Wednesday, September 29, that she would call to vote for him only if he showed up “able to hear the movement behind” she. This distancing aroused, Thursday, the indignation of the boss of EELV, Julien Bayou, who deplored an attitude of “bad loser”.

In the evening, Sandrine Rousseau assured of her loyalty to the ecological presidential candidate. Return on this floating in three acts.

1Rousseau distances himself

Believing that she could have won because “the curves were crossing”, Sandrine Rousseau called the winner of the primary, Wednesday, on France Inter, not to “ignore what happened behind” his candidacy. “I have always been very loyal, I played the game in a fair way, she defended. But the question is in Yannick’s camp, ‘Are you able to hear, to understand what happened, do you grasp the movement that there is last me?’ “

For Sandrine Rousseau, this goes beyond the resumption of some of her measures such as the “living income” or the reduction of working hours. “It depends on the fact that my word is still present.” For her, “loyalty has to be both ways”.

2Bayou and Jadot call for respect for the vote

The secretary general of Europe Ecology-The Greens, Julien Bayou, called on Sandrine Rousseau on Thursday to respect the rules of the primary. “There is a winner, all the candidates are committed to supporting him, he recalled. There are no negotiations, there is unconditional support for the candidate and the project. ” For him, this “trivial place negotiation” made “a bit of a bad loser”, especially since Yannick Jadot proposed to his former opponent “to chair the political council, which is the supervision of the orientations of the campaign”.

For his part, Yannick Jadot said he wanted “that this primary remains a primary of quality, of gathering”. “There was a vote, he stressed. Democracy has to be respected. “ “We need everyone” corn “the primary is over”, he added.

3Rousseau pledges his “support” to Jadot

Thursday evening, Sandrine Rousseau seemed to change her position. “I will support Yannick Jadot whatever happens, I have no conditions”, she assured, on France 3 Hauts-de-France. “I am not asking that Yannick resume my entire campaign, there is no doubt about it, but at least that he hears that it is part of his electorate and that he must go mobilize it “. According to her, “the people who (it) followed and all the movement that we created will (…) win the presidential election”.

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