Pregnant women should take special care of these things during Chandra Grahan

May 25, 2021 by No Comments

Internet desk. The first lunar eclipse of this year will be held on Wednesday, May 26. This day is also the full moon of Vaishakh month. The lunar eclipse will start at 02.17 pm on Wednesday and will continue till 07.19 pm. The first lunar eclipse of the year will be seen like the eclipse eclipse in the country.

Because of this there will be no Sutak period. At the same time, it will not have any effect on pregnant women. Nevertheless, pregnant women will have to take care of some things during this period, so that the baby growing in the womb is healthy.

It is considered right for pregnant women to stay indoors during lunar eclipse. During this time, they should also not use pointed things. This can cause harm to the baby. Pregnant women are also not advised to eat food during Chandra Gahn. During this time, food gets spoiled due to rays. During this time, hot women have to pay attention to many things.


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