Poignant, brilliant, convincing, immersive… The cinema releases on September 22

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Aida’s voice ***

by Jasmila Zbanic

Bosnian movie, 1 h 44

This poignant fiction returns to the Srebrenica massacre in which 8,000 men and adolescents were killed on July 11, 1995. Through the gaze of Aida, a UN interpreter who seeks to save her family, we witness the the inability of international forces to prevent the inevitable.

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The Summit of the Gods ***

by Patrick Imbert

French animated film, 1 h 30

A brilliant adaptation of Jiro Taniguchi’s manga, this perfectly mastered animated film tells both the quest of a stubborn climber and a journalist’s investigation into one of the greatest mysteries in Everest history. .

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Stillwater **

by Tom McCarthy

American movie, 2:20 a.m.

In this film by Tom McCarthy, the director of Spotlight, Matt Damon and Camille Cottin give all their salt to this chronicle of an American’s attempts to have his daughter released from prison in Marseille for murder.

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The third war **

by Giovanni Aloi

French film, 1 h 30

A young soldier joins Operation Sentinel whose mission is to survey the streets in search of a threat, between boredom and paranoia.

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Bigger than us **

by Flore Vasseur

Documentary, 1 h 36

In this documentary conceived as an odyssey, the writer and journalist Flore Vasseur sets out to meet seven young people who, each in their own country, take action to transform the world, and delivers a formidable remedy for the feeling of helplessness.

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Notturno **

by Gianfranco Rosi

Italian documentary, 1 h 40

Gianfranco Rosi signs a documentary on the margins of war, a brilliant exercise in style, quite enigmatic.

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Everything went well *

by François Ozon

French film, 1 h 52

François Ozon lightly treats a difficult subject, that of assisted suicide, and misses its target.

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