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In recent years, Saudi sport has jumped to its natural position, at the forefront of the Asian continent. Rather, it has become one of the real forces in the yellow continent, not in one game, but in all team and individual games.

Al Hilal’s crowning last Tuesday in the AFC Champions League was not a coincidence or a stroke of luck, but rather a natural harvest, given the state’s support through unprecedented quality initiatives, to encourage talented people and create a professional environment for sports work in all games.

The Kingdom’s success in winning the karate silver at the last Tokyo Olympics through the hero Tariq Hamdi, is also the product of attention and support, and it is silver with a well-deserved golden taste.

The confident steps that our first team is taking towards the 2022 World Cup, by leading the second group in the crucial Asian qualifiers, is another proof of the success of the planning that our sport is going on.

support two billion

The Ministry of Sports launched support for sports federations and an elite sports program with a budget of 2.6 billion, and the support is witnessing a distinct strategy as follows:

Core financing:

Support provided to cover the basic activities of the federation, including operational costs, activities, camps and salaries, provided to all federations, according to the assessment.

Incentive financing: These are packages of additional financing to reward the unions for development and achievement within the following criteria (operational capabilities, technical capabilities, capabilities and achievements).

There are three phases to the Elite Athletic Development Program:

The first phase: The Saudi Olympic Training Center was established as a future device under the supervision of the Saudi Olympic Committee

The second stage: improving results and performance and achieving advanced stages in the Olympic and Asian Games

Phase III: Develop a sustainable network of elite athletes, take advantage of investment opportunities and compete in the final stages of the Olympic and Asian Games.

The Ministry of Sports allocated rewards to sports federations as follows:

Olympic and Paralympic Games.

World Championships

Youth Olympic Games

Asian Youth Courses

Islamic Solidarity Games

Asian Games, Asian Indoor Games, Martial Arts and Asian Beach Games.

Sports federations are currently witnessing a historic stage of development and support, with follow-up and direct supervision from the Ministry of Sports, in a codified manner and an integrated work system with the aim of developing all sports federations and increasing the number of practitioners of sports activities and programs.

Club support strategy

The Ministry of Sports announced that there will be an annual support for each club of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Professional Cup League, with an amount of 50 million, and an amount of 5 million for each club in the first division, and an amount of 3 million for each club in the second division, bringing the total number of all clubs that will be covered by financial support. 64 clubs.

The Ministry of Sports announced the criteria that will be supported by the clubs as follows:

– Live Support

– Governance

– Various games

– public attendance

– Facilities development

– Digital Transformation

The evaluation of governance comes through documentation and field analysis from the ambassadors of the Ministry’s branches, a quarterly evaluation of the professional and first-class clubs, a semi-annual evaluation of the second-tier clubs, and a cumulative monthly evaluation of all clubs.

The various games are among the important criteria that the Ministry of Sports has set financial support for, as it has set a general budget of 488.5 million, and the evaluation is as follows:

Submit a detailed plan for the games and have it approved by the Ministry.

– Activate 10 different sports and compete in 5 selected games.

– Compete in 5 of the selected games.

– Compete in 5 of the selected games for the age groups.

– Implementation of development programs for the age groups in 6 of the selected games.

The Ministry of Sports has set an amount of one million riyals for each club that achieves a percentage greater than 90% of the stadium capacity for public attendance, 750,000 riyals for each club that achieves more than 75%, 500,000 riyals for more than 60%, 250,000 riyals for more than 50%, and 100,000 riyals for greater than 30%.

Achievements made for the country:

The arrival of the first Saudi national team to the World Cup 2018

Al Hilal Club achieved the Asian Championship 2019

Al Hilal FC reached the FIFA Club World Cup 2019

Al Hilal Club achieved the Asian Championship 2021

Formula 1 racing 2021

The Saudi youth team achieves the 2021 Arab Cup

– The Kingdom hosted the Dakar Rally 2021 (the largest motor race)

– Tarek Hamdi wins the silver medal for Karate at the Olympics in Tokyo

– Abdulrahman Al-Qurashi won the bronze in the 100m wheelchair race at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo

– Rider Yazid Al-Rajhi topped the (Baja Italia) round and the overall standings in the T1 category of the World Cup for Cross-Country Rally

– The green shooters achieved the Asian championship in Kazakhstan through (Atallah Al-Anzi – Aqil Al-Badrani – and Safar Al-Dosari).

Announcing the hosting of the World Youth Weightlifting Championships in Jeddah

The Saudi national team topped its group in the World Cup qualifiers.

200 thousand riyals reward for each Crescent player

Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Faisal, Minister of Sports, announced the provision of 200,000 riyals as a reward for each player from Al-Hilal team on the occasion of winning the 2021 AFC Champions League title.

And the official account of the Ministry of Sports on Twitter published the news of monitoring the reward, where he wrote: “The Minister of Sports Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Faisal offers a financial reward of 200,000 riyals to each of the Al-Hilal players on the occasion of winning the 2021 AFC Champions League.”

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