Patrice Alègre, Guy Georges, Francis Heaulme … They fell in love with serial killers

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Married [le prénom a été modifié] has always been popular with men. She is neither a frenzied seductress nor a hardened bachelor, she just thinks she is “Normal”. At 40, she had a husband, built a family, broke up. So she had other options in her emotional life than to fall in love “Du Patrice”, as she calls it. Marie is Canadian, and when she mentions Patrice Alègre, she frequently refers to him as such. She also says:

“My life plan was not to fall in love with a serial murderer. “

But now the damage is done, she’s not okay “Tear out the heart” and takes on his story with the Toulouse serial killer, whose clear eyes, puff and atrocious crimes still haunt an entire region.

Between Marie and Patrice Alègre, sentenced to life in 2002 for the murders of five young women and the rape of a sixth, it all started about three years ago. On that date, Marie resumed studying psychology in Canada. She must contact three serial killers and convince them to answer her questions. She chooses one in the United States, another in Canada. And one in France, at random: Patrice Alègre, the “urban predator” as one of the psychiatrists in charge of appraising him nicknamed him, the one who raped and then killed the women who resisted him, while at the same time leading a family life quiet. Throughout the letters exchanged, Marie considers that he is not “The bloodthirsty killer” described

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