OMG! Child’s head stuck in pressure cooker while playing, know what happened next?

August 31, 2021 by No Comments

Today’s children do a lot of mischief, but sometimes something happens in mischief that the child’s life can also be lost. One such incident happened recently. In the accident, the head of a child got stuck in the pressure cooker. Yes, and then the child began to suffer badly. When the family members could not remove the child’s head from the cooker, they took him to the hospital. Here the team of doctors managed to save the child after two hours of effort.

According to a report, Masoom kept his head inside the cooker while playing and then tried hard but his head remained stuck in the cooker itself. Meanwhile, when the child started splattering badly, the family members also tried hard to get the child’s head out of the cooker, but to no avail. Finally, the family members took the child to a private hospital in Rajamandi area where a team of doctors took the child to the operation theatre. Here the doctors tried hard to remove the child’s head from the cooker and finally they managed to do so.

Actually, doctors have got success because of the glider machine. He cut the cooker slowly with the machine. In this case, Dr Farhat Khan said, ‘The child was very upset. His head was stuck inside the cooker. When the cooker was being cut by the glider machine, the child was very scared, but as soon as after two hours of effort, the child’s head came out of the cooker. According to the information received in the case, the family of the child was very poor. Due to which the doctor did not take a single penny. The doctor says that the baby is in good condition now. He has been sent home.


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