Moving, bizarre or melancholy: the cinema releases of September 30, 2020

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Josep ***


Franco-Hispano-Belgian animated film, 1 h 14

Through the very real destiny of Catalan designer Josep Bartoli, Aurel recalls the tragic episode of the “Retirada”, the exodus to France of 450,000 Spanish Republicans fleeing Francoism in 1939. An animated, moving and singular feature film, which makes work of memory while paying tribute to graphic art.

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Kajillionaire ***

by Miranda July

American movie, 1 h 44

In this American independent comedy with assumed and seductive oddity, a young woman trained since childhood to steal frees herself from her parents.

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A country that keeps itself wise **

By David Dufresne

French documentary, 1 h 26 min

David Dufresne’s documentary, in theaters Wednesday, September 30, shows videos of police violence shared on social networks on the big screen.

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Billie **

by James Erskine

American movie, 1 hour 32 minutes

“All the beauty, all the misery”, by Billie Holiday impress in this documentary which sheds light on Lady Day’s fate through the unpublished testimonies of her relatives.

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My cousin **

by Jan Kounen

French film, 1 h 45

Director Jan Kounen, who had disappeared from the screens for a decade, returns with a comedy that features Vincent Lindon, the boss of a family business, struggling with François Damiens, a dreaded cousin.

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The woman who ran away **

by Hong Sang-soo

South Korean movie, 1:17

After Hotel by the River, released this summer, Hong Sang-soo is back with a melancholy and graceful film built around female characters and their disillusions. A Silver Bear for Best Achievement, awarded at the last Berlinale, crowned the original work of this South Korean Rohmer.

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Moral order *

by Mário Barroso

Portuguese film, 1 h 41

In 1918 in Lisbon, the heiress to Portugal’s largest newspaper fled with her young driver and was condemned by the society of the time, which locked her in a psychiatric hospital. A role custom-built for the theatrical performance of the Franco-Portuguese actress.

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by François Begaudeau

French documentary, 1 h 52

François Begaudeau, the writer ofBetween the walls, returns to the screens with a documentary in which he dubiously mixes people in search of autonomy and an actor who plays a survivalist.

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