Movies to watch with the family at Christmas

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► From 6 years old

♦ Mom is raining hard ***

Program of animated short films, 50 mn

Borrowing its traditional figures from the tale, the film by Hugo de Faucompret, which gives its title to this program of animated short films, tells with sensitivity and care how a young girl confronts her mother’s depression.

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► From 7 years old

♦ Dragon Princess ***

French animated film by Jean-Jacques Denis and Anthony Roux, 1 h 14

Charming tale, Dragon Princess, an animated film directed by Jean-Jacques Denis and Anthony Roux, turns out to be a beautiful reflection on the place of a different child in the family.

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♦ Encanto ***

American animated film by Jared Bush and Byron Howard, 1:42 a.m.

A catchy musical, Disney’s latest addition is also a reflection on the family, its dynamics, its magical powers and its human flaws.

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► From 10 years old

The Snow Leopard ***

French documentary by Marie Amiguet and Vincent Munier, 1 h 32

Wildlife photographer Vincent Munier has made a film of his adventure with Sylvain Tesson in the highlands of Tibet, in search of the snow leopard, and has put into words his wonder at the beauty of the wild life.

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► From 12 years old

Where’s Anne Frank! **

Israeli animated film by Ari Folman, 1:39 a.m.

Thirteen years later Waltz with Bachir, Ari Folman returns with a formally successful animated film in which the Anne Frank tragedy serves to awkwardly shine a light on the plight of today’s refugees.

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Animal **

French documentary by Cyril Dion, 1 h 45

Like in the documentary tomorrow, Cyril Dion seeks to raise awareness while fighting against eco-anxiety. To better embody his thinking, the documentary filmmaker has embarked on his peregrinations two 16-year-old environmental activists.

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► From 13 years old

♦ West Side Story **

American film by Steven Spielberg, 2:37 a.m.

More realistic and more political than the film by Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins, the rereading of this masterpiece by screenwriter Tony Kushner deepens the psychology of the characters and the social, violent and xenophobic context of which they are victims.

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