More than 13 crore samples of Covid-19 examined in the country so far, infection rate continues to decline: Govt

November 21, 2020 by No Comments

New Delhi: More than 13 crore samples have been tested so far to detect Kovid-19 in the country, in which the last one crore samples have been tested in just 10 days, while the rate of infection remains low. . The Union Health Ministry gave this information on Saturday.

According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), as per the commitment to conduct more than 1 million tests per day, 10,66,022 samples were examined in the last 24 hours and thus the overall investigation number of cases in India increased to 13,06 57,880

The ministry said that the national rate of infection of people was 6.93 percent on Saturday, which is less than the level of seven percent. At the same time, the infection rate on Friday was only 4.34 percent. Investigations are taking place in large numbers and the confirmed rate of infection has declined. The Ministry said, “The average rate of infection confirmed by examining more than 1 million samples per day has been able to maintain a low level of infection and thus a declining trend at present.

Last one crore Kovid-19 samples were tested in a span of only 10 days. According to the ministry, more investigations were done per 24 lakh population in 24 states / UTs than in all of India. Those 12 states / UTs where fewer tests have been conducted per 100 lakh population than the national average are advised to raise the level of investigation substantially.

The ministry said that during the last 24 hours, 46,232 people were found infected with the corona virus.
“The rate of confirmed confirmed infections per day at 4.34 percent indicates that a large number of samples have been screened among the total population,” he said. India is taking every step with caution to prevent the spread of the epidemic, compared to the steady increase in infection cases in the US and Europe.

He said, “In view of the increase in Kovid-19 cases in some states of North India, the Center has advised all the States and UTs to increase the number of investigations. There are 4,39,747 patients undergoing treatment in India, which is 4.86 percent of the total infections reported in India so far.
The Ministry said that during the last 24 hours in India, 49,715 new patients have recovered and returned home and the total number of patients cured has been 84,78,124. The recovery rate of patients has come down to 93.67 today.

He said that the difference between the number of patients being treated and the number of patients who have been relieved from infection has been increasing and it has come down to 80,38,377. According to the Ministry of Health, 78.19 percent of the cases of cured patients are from 10 states / UTs. 8,775 people in Delhi have recovered after suffering from Kovid-19. 6,945 new patients have been cured in Maharashtra and 6,398 in Kerala.

He said that 77.69 per cent of the new cases are from 10 states / UTs. During the last 24 hours Delhi has reported 6,680 cases. In Kerala, 6,288 new cases have been reported, while 5,647 new cases were detected in Maharashtra on Friday. The Ministry said that out of 564 deaths due to this disease in the last 24 hours, 82.62 percent of the cases are from 10 states / UTs. Of the new death cases, 27.48 per cent are from Maharashtra where 155 infected died. 118 people died in Delhi also, which is 20.92 percent of the total cases. (Agency)


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