Mondial de hand: draft Blues, complicated starts and new individualities … what to remember from the Mondial des Français

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• Weighed down by their start to matches

During several meetings and in particular in the second part of this World Cup, the Blues were real diesels, late for ignition. Against Algeria in the preliminary round but still in the quarter-final against Hungary where they were led by six goals at the start of the match, they nevertheless managed to mobilize to overturn the table and win.

But against Sweden and Spain, that nay. It was essential to be on time against two nations much stronger than the previous ones, but once again, the France team was dominated from the start. Quickly ahead of two goals against the Scandinavians and five by the Iberians, the Blues ran to score without ever being able to catch up with this handicap.

• Too tender physically

The Blues have drawn in this end of the world. “We left a lot of feathers against big teams at the start of the competition.” reacted Kentin Mahe after his team lost to Spain. The sluggish victory against Algeria, overtime against Hungary and the hard defeat against Sweden weighed heavily in the balance. In the defensive phases, they lacked bite to counter their opponents.

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Disappointment for the French team who left the World Handball Cup without a medal after their defeat against Spain

Wounds of Luka Karabatic and of Timothey N’Guessan during the Championship were not without consequences. For Michaël Guigou “it took a little more money, it broke that dynamic and they lacked a little energy, a little strength to finish this competition. “

• A lack of rigor

It was the common thread and it is probably the most obvious symbol of this rebuilding team, which had not played a single game for almost a year. Men from Guillaume Gille They were extremely messy in all aspects of the game. From the start against an unskilled Norway team, they struggled to take off due to a great lack of offensive inspiration and often ineffective long shots.

The Blues also had the annoying habit of putting themselves in difficulty by stupidly losing balls during phases of possession. In this start of the match against Spain in the small final, these mistakes were repeated on several occasions and quickly cost them the match. The coach has less than two months to succeed in building a more rigorous team for the Olympic qualifying tournament next March.

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Handball World Cup: end of the adventure for the Blues, beaten in the semi-final by Sweden

Handball World Cup: end of the adventure for the Blues, beaten in the semi-final by Sweden

• Successful firsts despite everything

In this team of France in total reconstruction since its bitter failure at Euro 2020, there were still new individuals that have emerged. For their firsts in a World Championship, Welsey Pardin and Hugo descat were particularly illustrated. For the first one, it was short but very intense.

Before breaking a knee ligament against Switzerland in the 3rd match, Pardin had shown the full extent of his talent in the cages of the France team. The Aix-en-Provence player (31) was even elected man of the match after disgusting Norway. For Hugo descat, the whole countryside has been beautiful. The Montpellier player even finished top scorer for the Blues throughout the competition. A great promise for the future.

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