“Mignonnes” ignites the American right

March 17, 2019 by No Comments

Internet users, elected officials, judicial authorities: the indignation aroused by the film’s release Cute on Netflix never ends in the United States. In Texas, a local elected official announced Tuesday, October 6 that Netflix is ​​the subject of criminal proceedings for the French film “Cute”, accused of hypersexualizing young girls and which in September had sparked a controversy in this conservative state in the southern United States. The Tyler County Clerk, however, clarified that“No hearing date” did not have “Been fixed for the moment”.

This is not the first procedure against film. The attorneys general of four states (Florida, Louisiana, Texas and Ohio) had already requested the film’s withdrawal. The Republican deputy of Georgie Doug Collins, had demanded in a letter published on Thursday, September 17 that the French film “Disgusting”, “Obscene” and “Serving only to please pedophiles »Be prohibited from any broadcast on television.

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Signed by Franco-Senegalese Maïmouna Doucouré, Cute (“Cuties” in the United States) tells the story of Amy, an 11-year-old girl raised in a conservative Muslim family, who breaks free by joining a group of carefree dancers at her school. At the heart of the controversy in the United States, mainly carried by the right: scenes of “twerking” (dance of a sexual nature) deemed inappropriate for children.

Several elected Republican have stepped up to the plate since the film’s release on September 9, including Senators Ted Cruz (Texas) and Tom Cotton (Arkansas). They called on the Department of Justice to investigate a possible violation of US rules for the distribution and production of child pornography – despite the film winning at the prestigious Sundance Festival.

A context of acute “cultural war”

Mignonnes arrived in the United States in a context of particularly acute “culture war”, a few weeks before the presidential election. Since Donald Trump’s victory, US conservatives have responded more vigorously to what they see as efforts by the left to impose its liberal values ​​and unbridled social mores across the country via media, social networks and even schools.

Netflix has long been the target of conservatives for its programming deemed too leftist. In 2019, the announcement of the collaboration with Michelle and Barack Obama’s production company was accompanied by calls for a boycott. Similar calls were made against Mignonnes as early as August when Netflix released, before retracting, a promotional poster for the film showing the young protagonists in suggestive positions. According to Antenna, an online listing analytics company, the number of Netflix unsubscribes has increased eightfold since the film’s release compared to the August average.


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