March 8 in times of Covid: “Women are not an adjustment variable in the crisis”

March 8, 2021 by No Comments

Sexual violence, domestic violence, wage inequalities, harassment… Like every March 8, feminists will take to the streets this Monday to demonstrate against discrimination and for women’s rights. But in 2021, the day of mobilization promises to be tinted with a new dimension: the Covid-19 pandemic which has been raging for a year in the world has hit women hard and increased inequalities.

It is not for nothing that 37 feminist organizations have called for a March 8 “corvée firsts”. “Women are concentrated in occupations which were rightly deemed essential during the first lockdown, and were overexposed to risks,” explains Sophie Binet (CGT), co-organizer of the event. The health crisis made it possible to put them in visibility and to reveal the gap between their social utility and their recognition, in particular salary.

The “care” revolution to revalue “dirty jobs”?

Thus, according to a group of researchers and union representatives in a forum in 2020, 76% of cashiers and sales staff are women, as are 91% of nurses, 91% of nursing assistants, 73% of maintenance workers, 97 % of home helpers and household helpers.

“A third of women teleworking on the verge of burnout”

Confinement has also increased the weight of domestic work on women: with the closure of certain public services, such as schools or nurseries by e.

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