Macron’s slap in the face of justice: “I saw his sympathetic gaze, I was filled with disgust”

June 10, 2021 by No Comments

The room is packed and the media numerous, to hear Damien Tarel, 28, tell his slap in the face to the President of the Republic. Long curly hair, he stands straight under his khaki T-shirt, the same one we see in these pictures that have been around the world. He has just spent three days in the cell, because he is being tried in an immediate appearance, but his voice is clear, calm, almost calm, when he answers the judge’s questions.

Damien T., born November 12, 1992, in Saint-Vallier, in the Drôme, is accused of having, on June 8, 2021, in Tain-l’Hermitage, willfully committing violence against Emmanuel Macron, no. not having resulted in incapacity. This violence “on a person holding public authority”, a President of the Republic, is likely to cost him up to three years’ imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 euros.

The president of the court begins by broadcasting the famous images. We see Emmanuel Macron unexpectedly stop the procession, running towards the people who are massed behind the barrier. He reaches out to Damien T., who is holding his arm, and slaps him. The sound of impact is distinctly heard.

– “How do you characterize the scene?” », Asks the president.– “Rather violent”, admits the young man, soberly.

Was the gesture premeditated? Damien admits that he had thought about an action, with his two friends, Loïc and Arthur: “Wearing a yellow vest & nb

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