“L’Orient-le Jour”: “It’s more than ever the moment to tell, to denounce”

June 10, 2019 by No Comments

# Apocalypse days

Emilie Sueur. “On August 4, around 6 pm, I began to receive videos of the fire ravaging the port of Beirut. The time to send them to the site, two explosions blow the city. Believing in an earthquake, I yell at the editorial staff to evacuate the building. Through the window we all see the huge mushroom smoke rising. Some of our journalists live in Achrafieh, one of the worst affected neighborhoods east of Beirut. They immediately left the daily premises – we too are based in the east of Beirut – to try to assess the damage there. Those who stay put try to supply the site with images and texts, but the latter “Buggue”. Our phones no longer work. Two of our reporters tour the hospitals despite the traffic blocked everywhere. They manage to send us photos and quotes. Our building is located eight minutes from the scene of the disaster, and we have no material damage. Other newsrooms were less fortunate: they saw their ceilings collapse, their windows explode.

Images of Beirut, before and after the double explosion that ravaged the capital of Lebanon

I have to wait 10 p.m. to find out if my home has been hit. To get home, I drive my car for miles over broken glass in the shattered city. The next day’s edition comes out with a huge photo of the disaster and this headline

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