Kareli reveals his future plans with Al-Ittihad

May 4, 2021 by No Comments

Brazilian Fabio Carelli, coach of the first football team at Al-Ittihad, explained that he wants players who have the leading personalities in the middle and control the pace of play, and this is what he lacks in the federation.

He told the Brazilian program, “De Plaka,”: “I am a realistic coach .. Personally, I hope my team will play a beautiful football like the one Barcelona presented with Guardiola, but do I have players that match?” It is difficult and it is like giving you only oranges and asking you to make a fruit salad. I will mention some names for the simile only, and I will not negotiate with them: “Edenelson, Scarpa, Luan and Casares,” or another example, Chico and Neves, because the Saudis here love players with such leadership qualities. “

He added: “I like Bayern Munich, Manchester City and Inter Milan .. Personally, I like Inter, and I am thinking of changing my style to 3 defenders with a quick defender in the rear, as the Brigadier lacks fast defenders in the depth and this is why I did not play in the advanced defense style .. I want to play with 4 -3-3 But I couldn’t because of the elements, so I had to change to 4-2-4 at the beginning of the season, then 4-2-3-1 and try to find a suitable combination.

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