“Interstellar”, the quest for a father across the Universe

March 4, 2021 by No Comments

Of 2001, a space odyssey at Gravity, films about the conquest of space are often pieces of cinematic bravery coupled with in-depth reflections on human nature and current affairs. Christopher Nolan clearly inscribed Interstellar, released in theaters in 2014, in this vein. In a very contemporary future, the planet is no longer spinning. Ravaged by tough pests and terrible sandstorms, the land can no longer feed humans.

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In the greatest secrecy, a space mission is organized to find a more welcoming planet for the human species. Former shuttle pilot converted into agriculture, the brave and sympathetic Cooper (impeccable Matthew McConaughey), leaves, not without difficulty, his two children to go to the other end of the Universe.

The sequences in space in total silence

Then begins an interstellar epic of nearly three hours through black holes and hostile planets that Christopher Nolan leads with a keen sense of realism – especially during sequences in space, during which there is total silence – and suspense, even reaching to make panting the docking of a spaceship to its rapidly rotating station …

For Nolan, like his illustrious predecessors, the journey to the far reaches of the Universe is above all an exploration of the human spirit. In a wink of an eye leaning on Solaris, by Andrei Tarkovsky, in which memories come true on a distant planet, Interstellar offers a beautiful reunion scene between a father and his daughter.

Unfortunately weighed down by metaphysics new age popular with recent Hollywood films of the same genre, the film is a moving reflection on transmission and filial love, which know how to transcend space and time.


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