INFO OBS. Corsica: the police are investigating the leaks that allowed suspects to flee

September 15, 2020 by No Comments

The crackdown, launched at the end of September against the suspected members of the Corsican criminal clan of Petit Bar, had already started badly. The morning of the arrests, after an investigation of more than two years carried out by the judicial police of Ajaccio, three suspected members of the clan were no longer at home. Obviously warned of the arrests, they had taken to the bush.

A week later, on October 5, as revealed by the Obs, the Ajaccio judicial police were withdrawn from this vast investigation opened after the attempted assassination of Guy Orsoni two years ago. The investigating judge in charge of the investigations, Anaïs Trubuilt, entrusted the investigations to the gendarmes.

At the same time, according to our information, the Marseille prosecutor’s office opened an investigation, which was entrusted to the IGPN. It concerns the leaks and the links maintained by some investigators with figures from the island community.

Unprecedented crisis of confidence

An investigation conducted by the Obs, and some elements of which have been reported by Le Monde, allows us to understand the unprecedented crisis of confidence that has erupted over the past two weeks between the judicial police in charge of the largest investigations targeting organized crime on the island and the magistrates of the JIRS (Specialized Interregional Jurisdiction) of Marseille. This crisis should lead to the departure of Lucien Arleri, regional director of the judicial police in Corsica and that of one of his deputies.

INFO OBS. Corsica: the judicial police withdrawn from the investigation

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