In England, there are now more Covid-19 patients hospitalized than at the start of confinement

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Faced with the resurgence of the new coronavirus, the British authorities announced Monday, October 12, to reactivate three field hospitals set up in the spring and must present an alert system simplifying the patchwork of local restrictions in England.

The number of people hospitalized with Covid-19 in England is now higher than it was when confinement was declared at the end of March, announced the medical director of the health service for England Stephen Powis at a conference press, as reported by “The Independent”.

In the most affected regions, in the north-west, the situation is such that hospital services that are not directly responsible for the epidemic are starting to see their functioning affected, health officials explained at a press conference. .

What is Boris Johnson playing?

To help the health system cope, three of the large field hospitals set up in disaster in the spring, and since put on hiatus, have been instructed “To mobilize over the next few weeks to be ready to welcome patients if necessary”, Stephen Powis announced.

These establishments are located in the north, but others could follow, the progression of contaminations now affecting all of the United Kingdom.

“There is still no treatment, still no vaccine for Covid-19. Unfortunately, this means that as infections increase, the number of deaths will increase ”, warned Stephen Powis.

A new simplified measurement system

After leading a crisis meeting, Prime Minister Boris Johnson will speak Monday afternoon to MPs and then to the press to announce a new alert system supposed to simplify and clarify decisions in the fight against the pandemic. Only England will be concerned, the different British nations each defining their response to the health crisis.

Depending on the prevalence of the virus, it will be divided into three levels (” way “, ” Student “ and ” very high “) which will determine the measures to be applied locally.

According to British media, pubs, gyms and casinos are set to close in the hardest hit areas, such as the cities of Liverpool, Leeds and Newcastle, and non-essential travel would be banned, measures that would be reassessed every four weeks.

Different homes are already banned from dating in some areas, while across England gatherings are limited to six people and pubs and restaurants must close at 10pm.

The closure of pubs and entertainment venues challenged in Manchester

This new system is greeted with hostility by local elected representatives in the north of England, who consider the employment support measures put in place by the executive insufficient and fear that their financial balance will be jeopardized.

Boris Johnson’s main advisers tried to convince these elected officials of the merits of the government strategy over the weekend, without succeeding in defusing the animosity.

Brussels, Madrid, Berlin … European tour of new anti-Covid restrictions

“We will not abandon the inhabitants in the face of adversity and businesses in the face of bankruptcy”Manchester Labor Mayor Andy Burnham, whose city wants to challenge the closure of pubs and entertainment venues, said on Saturday.

With more than 42,800 dead, unparalleled in Europe, and nearly 604,000 positive cases, the United Kingdom is facing a new wave of contamination.

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