If there are worms in the stomach of the child, then follow these home remedies

May 20, 2022 by No Comments

If there are children in the house, then the mind remains stable in them. At the same time, children sometimes complain of loss of appetite, upset stomach or pain in the lower part of the stomach. If your child also complains like this, then you need to take it seriously, as stomach ache, irritability and physical weakness of the child can be due to stomach worms.

Yes, in today’s time, the increasing craze of junk food and packaged drinks in children is not only increasing obesity, but its excessive use can also cause problems of worms in children’s stomach. Yes, and seeing it, its effect starts showing on both the physical and mental development of the child. Although there are many medicines available to eliminate stomach worms, but apart from this, there are some such home remedies, which you can adopt. Today we are going to tell you about them.

If children have stomach worms, you can treat them with basil leaves. Actually, stomach worms are killed by basil leaves or basil extracts. Because of this, if there are worms in the stomach, then give juice of basil leaves to children.

If children have worms in their stomach, swallow a spoonful of carom seeds with water. Keep in mind that this process has to be done twice a day.

If children have got worms in their stomach, then give them to eat things made in coconut oil. Actually coconut oil also eliminates stomach worms.

If there are worms in the stomach, then feed four to five raw garlic buds to the children on an empty stomach in the morning.


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