If marriage is happening in monsoon, then keep these things in mind, know

June 29, 2022 by No Comments

Wedding day is special for every girl, but due to the weather, there is some problem. Their makeup gets spoiled or there is a fear of spoiling the dress during rainy days. Today we will tell you how to make marriage the best in the rainy season.

bridal outfit

In the rainy season, you should take special care that the length of your lehenga should not be too much and the lehenga should not be heavy. So that your lehenga does not get messy, you get comfort.

Take special care of hair too

Do not keep your hair open during the rainy season. You make a hair tie.

do nude makeup

In the rainy season, you should get waterproof makeup and you can also try nude makeup.

Do not use artificial jewelry

In this season, you should avoid artificial jewelry, if you wear it then your skin may get infected.

choose a light scarf

You should try it only with a light dupatta lehenga.

don’t wear heels

In rainy days, you can slip due to wet floor. Therefore, you should avoid wearing heels at the wedding.


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