“I wanted to write the absolute anti – ” 1984 ””: when Damasio talks about Orwell

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BibliographyObs. How did you find out about Orwell?

Alain Damasio. Like many people, I read “1984” when I was a teenager; in high school, or maybe even college. At the time, I played football, I read comics. And suddenly, I got it in the face. It is, along with “Rouge et noir”, one of the first novels that you are asked to read at school. I have the memory of a harsh, violent reading, of a knife which was slowly entering my stomach. This book made me uncomfortable, I didn’t want to finish it. The ending, in particular, seemed atrocious to me. This scene where Winston, the main character, and Julia, the woman with whom he had a forbidden relationship, get out of the subway and have nothing more to say to each other … Not only have they been crushed, lobotomized, but we have been as far as ‘to destroy the bond that existed between them. It is the total destruction of love.

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Did this teenage reading influence your first novel, “La Zone du Dehors”, the action of which takes place in… 2084?

Totally. I remember, seized with a kind of rage, I wrote in my notebook: “I want to do the anti-1984 absolute”. When he writes “1984” Orwell is dying, gravely ill with tuberculosis, it shows in the last pages of the book. It sets up a dystopia which revolts the reader, but the end is so dark that it seemed nihilistic to me… I wanted

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