Hypoglycemia treatment: Hypoglycemia, that is, low sugar, by following these methods, you can keep sugar maintenance.

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Internet desk. In the current lifestyle, diseases like sugar are continuously increasing in people. Although sugar makes people of old age prey, but due to poor lifestyle, youth are also suffering from sugar in large numbers. Sugar is a disease whose incidence and incidence are both life-threatening.

People whose sugar increases they take medicine to control it, but those who have low sugar do nothing to maintain their sugar. Increase of sugar is as fatal for the body as it is fatal for sugar. Reduction of sugar is called hypoglycemia. When the blood sugar level drops below 42 mg / kg, such a condition is called hypoglycemia or low blood sugar.

Our body’s normal blood sugar level is between 80–110 mg / dL and 90 mg / dL is considered the average blood sugar level. Hypoglycemia is a problem due to which the patient experiences dizziness, nervousness and sweating. Sometimes the patient may also faint due to this problem.

Hypoglycemic can be treated like this …

1. Whenever you feel tired or dizzy, you should get your sugar checked immediately. By doing this, you can recover sugar in the body soon. If there is a mild case of low blood sugar, you can control your diabetes by eating sweet things soon.

2. If your blood sugar level is less than 70 mg / dL and you are conscious, then consuming 15-20 grams of glucose is the right treatment. Always keep candy, sweets or fruit juice with you, so that you can maintain the level of glucose in your body.

3. To prevent hypoglycemia, you should eat breakfast or plenty of food. Drink sweet things in breakfast.

4. If the blood sugar level falls too low, there may be problems like seizures or fainting. In such a problem, you should get an injection of glucose.

5. To avoid this problem, avoid habits like delay in eating or not eating.

6. Get your blood sugar level checked regularly.

7. Always carry glucose tablets or candy with you.


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