Hotels, restaurants, sports halls: the state will take charge of 10 days of paid leave

December 2, 2020 by No Comments

The State will bear the cost of ten days of paid vacation for “The companies most heavily impacted by the health crisis”, from various sectors such as hotels, restaurants, events, nightclubs or even sports halls.

This “One-off, non-renewable economic aid” is “Targeted on highly impacted sectors”, having known “Closures over a large part of 2020”, can we read in a press release published by the Ministry of Labor, at the end of a videoconference meeting between Elisabeth Borne and professional and inter-professional unions and employers in the hotel and restaurant industry.

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To benefit from this assistance, companies “Will have to respond to one or the other” of these two criteria: having seen their activity “Partially or totally interrupted for at least 140 days in total” since January 1, 2020, or have seen their turnover fall “By more than 90% during the periods in 2020 when a state of health emergency was declared”.

Limited to 10 days of paid leave, this assistance will be paid in January 2021 “On the basis of days imposed for the year 2019-2020 (generally five) and days taken in advance with the agreement of the employee for the year 2020-2021”, specifies the ministry.

“Overall satisfied”

Employers must, to benefit from it, “Get organized now to respect the 30-day notice period and bring together the CSE when necessary”, because these paid holidays “Must necessarily be taken between 1 and 20 January 2021, during a period of partial activity corresponding to the prolonged closure of the establishment over this period”.

Are concerned, in addition to cafes and restaurants, “Hotels which have not been administratively closed, but have been forced to close due to a lack of customers, during periods of travel restrictions”, as well as companies from “Events, discotheques or sports halls”, who “Also fall within these criteria”.

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This support is targeted at professionals “Who encounter difficulties in coping with paid leave accumulated during a period of partial activity” and responds to a pressing demand from them.

“We are generally satisfied with the number of days supported, but we would have liked the aid to be paid from a 70% loss in turnover”, reacted Hervé Becam, vice-president of the Union of trades and industries of the hotel trade (Umih).

“We now need a reopening date. “

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