History: Today’s History (To be published 15 June)

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New Delhi : The major events of 15th June in India and world history are as follows:-
1389 – The Ottoman Empire defeats the Serbs and the Bosnians in the Battle of Kosovo.
1752 – Benjamin Franklin proved that light is an electromagnetic wave.
1762- Paper currency was introduced in Austria.
1866 – Prussia invades Austria.
1878- Shiv Dayal Sahab, the founder of the Dixit Hindu sect ‘Radha Swami Satsang’, died.
1896 – The most devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami in the history of Japan kills 22,000 people.
1908- Stock market opened in Calcutta.
1929- Birth of famous singer and actress Suraiya.
1932- Birth of Dhrupad singer Zia Fariduddin Dagar.
1937- Birth of Gandhian, Padma Bhushan-awarded social worker Anna Hazare.
1947: The All India Congress accepts the British plan for the partition of India in New Delhi.
1950- Birth of Indian-origin industrialist Lakshmi Mittal.
1982 – Argentine forces surrender to British forces in the Falklands.
1994 – Diplomatic relations are established between Israel and Vatican City.
1997- Eight Muslim countries formed the organization D-8 in Istanbul.
2005 – Asafa Powell of Jamaica sets a new world record in Athens by running the 100 meters in 8.77 seconds.
2006- India and China decided to open the old Silk Route.
2008 – Scientists at the University of Oxford observed the final positions of massive stars by bursting ultraviolet light for the first time.


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