History of 31st May: The flag of the Indian National Congress was adopted

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New Delhi. The last day of the fifth month of the year is recorded in history with many events. The most important event among these is the adoption of the flag of the Indian National Congress.
Mahatma Gandhi accepted and modified the flag of the Indian National Congress in 1921 on 31st May. It was originally designed by a man from Andhra Pradesh.
The sequence details of other important events recorded on the date of 31st May in the history of the country are as follows:-

1577: Birth of Nur Jahan, wife of Mughal Emperor Jahangir.
1727: France, Britain and the Netherlands sign the Treaty of Paris.
1759: All theater programs are banned in the North Eastern province of Pennsylvania in the US.
1878: The sinking of the German warship SMS Groer Karfurst kills 284.
1889: More than 2200 people died in a severe flood in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, USA.
1900: British troops led by Lord Roberts capture Johannesburg.
1907: First taxi service started in New York City of America.
1921: The flag of the Indian National Congress was adopted.
1935: More than 50 thousand people died in a severe earthquake in the city of Quetta, Pakistan.
1959: The Dalai Lama, a Buddhist leader, is given asylum in India after exile from Tibet.
1964 – Electric trams run for the last time in Bombay.
1966: A Vietnamese Buddhist girl commits suicide by setting herself on fire in the city of Hue in protest against the rule of South Vietnam. The picture of a young woman surrounded by flames created panic all over the world.
1977: An Indian Army team climbed the world’s third highest mountain peak Kangchenjunga for the first time.
2008: World’s fastest sprinter Usain Bolt sets a world record by completing 100 meters in 9.72 seconds.


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