Hair Care: If you want to take special care of your hair in monsoon, then definitely read this news

July 6, 2022 by No Comments

Rainy season invites many diseases. Where the biggest problem for girls is to take care of hair in the rain. In monsoon, the hair becomes sticky and the problem of dryness is also visible. Today we will tell you how to take care of hair during the rainy season.

Shampoo your hair

Wash your hair with shampoo immediately after getting your hair wet in rain water. So that your hair chip is not hidden.

Use hair conditioner

Wash your hair with conditioner after shampooing it. Due to which the hair does not become dry. There is shine in the hair.

dry hair thoroughly

After washing the hair, let them dry well after that you can tie them. By doing this, your hair does not get dirty matches and the hair does not get sticky.

do not tie hair tightly

The hair should not be tied tightly, by doing this your hair will start breaking.


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