Golf Saudi launches the first Arab program for education and training

March 19, 2022 by No Comments

Golf Saudi has officially launched the golf training and education program in Arabic, the first of its kind as an integrated curriculum, in conjunction with the activities of the Saudi Aramco International Women’s Golf Championship presented by the Public Investment Fund.

The program aims to strengthen the golf industry in the Kingdom by providing an economic golf system capable of creating new job opportunities for citizens, through new or existing courses, and it is expected that the number of jobs created by the end of 2025 will reach more than 2,200 jobs.

Gulf Saudi Arabia works side by side with the pioneers in this field, as it cooperated in creating the program with the European Club Managers Organization (CMAE), the National Center for Facilities Management and Hospitality (Fahm), and Qaderoon Network for Business Owners and Disability.

Golf Saudi has worked extensively with its partners to develop this program, which contributes to increasing career opportunities and ensuring its suitability for different segments of society, from different age groups, backgrounds, abilities and skills, with the aim of developing the game in the Kingdom in general.

In his speech during the press conference held on the occasion of the launch of the program, the CEO and Vice Chairman of Gulf Saudi Arabia, Majed Al-Surour, stressed the importance of this step, expressing his happiness with the launch of this program, which is the first educational and training program in the Arabic language.

Al-Sorour confirmed Golf Saudi Arabia’s tireless pursuit to offer golf to all, and its constant keenness to develop its cadres by giving them the opportunity to join the program, whether from employees at the company’s headquarters or in our various golf facilities. the work.

The new training program provides Saudi citizens, free of charge, the opportunity to join one of the fastest growing sectors in the Kingdom. The training programme, which was built in partnership with the European Club Managers Association (CMAE), is designed to meet the training and education needs of those who are new to the world of golf.

The program consists of five levels before completing the educational trip, and the trainee can pause temporarily after completing any level according to his desire and capabilities. Enroll in the Manager Development Program.

As one of the three pillars of the national sustainability strategy, the Green Agenda focuses on education, training and employment for Saudis of different age groups, which prompted the program organizers to sign a memorandum of understanding with Qaderoon Network as a non-profit organization that aims to support business owners to employ people with disabilities and give them the opportunity to work in Equal conditions with the rest of their colleagues in the workplace.

It is expected that the program will be offered to the current employees of Golf Saudi and the facilities under its management before the launch of the educational program presented in cooperation with the National Center for Facilities Management and Hospitality (Fahm), and the certificate will be awarded for both levels through a digital platform that enables individuals from different backgrounds to join the world of golf.

Over the next 18 months, Golf Saudi will work closely with the European Club Managers Association (CMAE), with its expert cadres and Qaderoon network, to ensure that the program is available to all segments of society, ensuring that all applicants are given the opportunity.


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