France Solutions Day: twelve articles that give you the excitement

June 14, 2019 by No Comments

1. Maud Sarda, the influencer of Emmaus.

Co-founder and director of the Label Emmaüs online sales site, she converted the association to e-commerce without losing sight of Abbé Pierre’s humanist and integration project.

2. Prostitutes, elderly people, caregivers … The “SOS confinement” phone keeps ringing

Kathya de Brinon offers listening to all those worried about “social distancing”. Victims of violence, prostitutes, students, caregivers … The list is long of those who call, and their mind-boggling stories.

3. In order not to “betray their animals”, these breeders want to slaughter them on the farm

What if animals were slaughtered on the farm, rather than in industrial slaughterhouses? Concerned about their well-being, several French breeders are seeking to regain control of the killing of their animals. Met.

4. When consumers take power in supermarkets

La Louve is a supermarket unlike any other where customers choose products together, even if it means quarreling. A new distribution model that is developing in France and in all major European cities

5. Here is the new photo of the century, by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Fifty-four years after the famous cliché of the yé-yé which appeared in “Salut les copains”, the photographer produced this portrait of 47 young activists, associations and entrepreneurs working for a fairer and more ecological future. Exclusively, “l’Obs” publishes this symbolic image of a committed new generation.

6. Sheets, garbage bags… the D system of volunteers to make gowns for caregivers

At the hospitals of Saint-Maurice, in Val-de-Marne, around 300 volunteers roll up their sleeves to make protective clothing for healthcare workers.

7. School Label, Emmaus online sales training that looks like “revenge on life

Building on the success of its online commerce platform, the association founded by Abbé Pierre has been offering free training in e-commerce professions for a year. A solidarity initiative that looks like a second chance for the twenty handpicked students.

8. What do we throw away? what do we keep? These personalities think the world according to

The philosopher Bruno Latour designed a questionnaire to imagine the “world after”. We submitted it to economists, scientists and politicians, from Thomas Piketty to the Prime Minister of Iceland.

9. Animation, the school that trains school dropouts in 3D

Launched in 2018 near Valence, in the Drôme, an alternative school trains young people “far from the system” in 3D animation. An initiative that has proven itself and is part of the trend of more inclusive school experiments.

10. Will the refugees save French agriculture? This is the bet of this association

For three years, the Fermes d’avenir association has offered refugees solidarity training in agroecological market gardening.

11. These start-ups invent the ecological gestures of the future

Clean the oceans, simplify sorting, hunt down waste … These companies defend nature for tomorrow.

12. Living on water will soon no longer be a utopia

The floating cities of the future will be self-sufficient, car-free, and anchored one kilometer from the current coastal cities. Fantasy? The project, supported by the UN, will soon see the light of day.

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