Five questions about the European health certificate, necessary to travel this summer

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Those who already used the activities health pass, in force in France since June 9, will not be disoriented: the European health certificate works on the same principle.

Providing proof of a full vaccination, negative test or recovery from Covid-19 can allow you to cross borders within the Schengen area. But be careful, this requires obtaining the documents in the new European format, compatible and readable in the 27 EStates of the Union as well as in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway. It is also recommended to check the rules in force when entering your country of destination. The True from False Cell explains to you.

European health certificate: what are we talking about?

The European health certificate is a tool designed to make it easier for Europeans to travel within the Union and to streamline border controls. The 27 EMember States and the European Commission have worked to develop a certification system for vaccines and tests, which can be verified in the same way throughout the Schengen area.

Vaccination certificate and results of PCR and antigen tests are therefore now available in a new format, with a new QR code to be obtained. These documents can be presented on boarding in paper or digital version, via the notebook tab of the #TousAntiCovid application.

The rules of the European health pass are also valid for overseas territories.

How are documents obtained in European format?

Since June 25, the test and vaccination certificates are already in European format. It is therefore sufficient to present them when boarding or at the borders, either in paper version (QR code at the top right of the document), or in digital version by scanning your document in TousAntiCovid (via the QR code at the bottom left).

Since June 25, the Government has made vaccination and test certificates available in European format.  (PRESS KIT ON THE EUROPEAN HEALTH PASS)

If you were vaccinated before June 25, you can download your vaccination certificate in European format on the dedicated health insurance website.

To retrieve a test result (less than three months old) in the correct format, you must go to the SI-DEP platform. To retrieve a test that is more than three months old or if you do not have internet access, you can go to the laboratory where you carried out your test or your vaccination and ask that the document be reissued in the correct format.

Finally, if you had already downloaded an old certificate in TousAntiCovid, know that it can, from July 1, be converted to the correct format directly in the application, by clicking on the document and selecting from the menu that appears. poster: “convert to European format”.

Do children have to have a health pass?

The health pass for activities in France and the European health certificate are required from the age of 11, under the same conditions as for adults.

Vaccination being authorized at this stage in France only from the age of 12, children aged 11 must, to travel in Europe, have a negative test. Each of the parents can enter their children’s certificates in the TousAntiCovid application.

Are old certificates to previous standards still useful?

The test and vaccination certificates issued before June 25 can still be used and read during entry checks for events requiring, in France, the health pass (health pass known as activities).

However, it is necessary to obtain a certificate in European format to travel in the Schengen area.

What vaccines are accepted in Europe?

All the vaccines used in France are recognized in the Member States: Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Janssen. Some member states recognize other vaccines that have not yet received market authorization from the European Medicines Agency.

Each Member State is also free to decide whether to accept a vaccination certificate after a single dose or, as in France, after a complete vaccination cycle including the time for the vaccine to be fully effective (two weeks after the second dose for vaccines Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca and one month for Janssen).

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