Financial waste in the Union and Al-Ahly

July 11, 2017 by No Comments

In the past, they said, “Money does not have a thorn on it.” I invoked this example of the municipal irons and I follow the financial waste in club contracts, and the oddball penal conditions .. I listened to the president of Al-Ahly club, Abd al-Ilah, believing with colleague Walid al-Faraj in the program “League with Walid” and it was a dialogue Rich in abundant information, the dialogue was followed by the reaction of former CEO Ahmed Bamouda about the contract of the German player Marco Marin and that he was without penalty clauses, provided that the club would pay the player an amount of 7 million euros whenever he wanted to cancel the contract !!

It is astonishing and strange that Al-Ahly club signed a contract with left-back Lucas Lima, with a contract amounting to 60 million, and there is no full-back worth this amount, unless you will attend one of the beautiful time players, Roberto Carlos or Cafu.

The wonders and oddities of the contracts transferred me from Al-Ahly to the neighboring union, and I found that if there is in the world the Seven Wonders of the World, then in the Dean the seven wonders of the decades, starting with the contract of the Croatian coach Bilic, so believe it or not that this coach’s contract is 26 million dollars, which is approximately 100 million Real, the wonder of wonder and the height of the strangeness that the contract is forbidden to cancel in the first year, and when it is canceled, the coach will give the full amount of $ 26 million «God, no envy. Decrease, and I am certain that this is the strangest decade of the world.

In the conversations of Ahlulites, they refused to go into the details of the Bosnian Saric contract, and said that it is a complicated contract, meaning “mined” and not being close. As long as this is the case, going into the contract of the Serbian Union Bryjovic has no reason, as it is also mined in riyals, dollars and euros. He has an amount, and the contract has happened and there is nothing wrong with it, and in justifications for the fictional contracts they said that Marco Marin came to Al-Ahly and played in the German national team, so his contract is very expensive .. I know German football for decades, and I have never seen him participate with the machines team, unless he is a reserve Reserve, that’s another thing.

As for Brejovic, his salary in the Greek league, Ya Dob, exceeded one million euros, and with the captain, he now receives 4 million euros in one year, in addition to the great contract provider and the benefits that we talked about earlier.

And as long as the waste is likewise, it is not surprising that Al-Ahly retreated from the competition and the return of the Union great steps backward.

Frankly, the Ministry of Sports has done well, as it stresses accountability and oversight, and follows clubs first, for financial waste must stop, the sums should be put in their rightful place, and whoever contracts and amplifies contracts must bear full responsibility.

In all honesty, the Financial Efficiency Committee that was created in the Ministry of Sports to follow up the aspects of spending in the clubs is a wise decision. Its presence is an urgent necessity, and its activation and interaction with it is extremely important. Great clubs.

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