Faced with racist attacks, delivery men are mobilizing this Friday

June 18, 2021 by No Comments

Racist insults, assaults in Laval and Cergy … after several racist acts closely related to delivery people, the Collective of Autonomous Delivery Platforms (CLAP) calls for a rally this Friday, June 18, at 3 pm, Place de la République. “Respect for delivery people. Stop insults-aggression-racism – contempt-devaluation ”, is it written on their banner. According to information from France Info, the Uber Eats platform will also set up a button “Anti-discrimination” on its application by the end of the summer.

“The first day, a guy opens me in his underwear”: a week in the life of an Uber-Eats delivery man, by Julien Blanc-Gras

While the activity has seen a drop in orders and prices since the reopening of restaurants, delivery people are reporting more and more attacks. These facts, far from being isolated, are almost part of their daily lives.

Close assaults

“Hurry up, slave. I’ll give you a dime, you deserve it. ” This is the violent message received by Yaya Guirassy, ​​a 34-year-old Uber Eats delivery man, as he was about to deliver his order to a customer on May 14. Shocked by these words and “morally hurt”, the delivery man decides not to honor his race and files a complaint. The platform says it has suspended the client’s account. “Since then, Mr. Guirassy, ​​still shocked, has not been able to return to work. He no longer has any income, being a self-employed person as required by most platforms ”, reveals this Friday the “World”.

The Frichti in the street: “Why only regularize half of the undocumented delivery men? “

On May 30, Dieugrot Joseph, delivery man for Uber Eats, was also assaulted when he came to pick up an order in a restaurant in Cergy around 10:30 pm A man hit him in the face and then continued to hit him while he was standing. on the ground, insulting him with “Dirty black”. Hearing screams, a young woman calls the police and films the scene from her window. On the video, which quickly made the rounds of social networks, the attacker insults the resident of ” you negress ” and of “Dirty bitch”.

“The delivery men bowed their heads”

As Jérôme Pinot, spokesperson for CLAP at “Le Monde” underlines, these attacks are not new. ” But until now, there were no videos, complaints filed, TVs talking about it. The delivery men bowed their heads. Today, there are enough of them to belong to the same community to get back on its feet ”, he continues.

Jules Salé: “Delivery men have the right to be employees”

For its part, the Uber Eats platform assures France Info to be responsive after each report, and to want to strengthen this system with the new anti-discrimination button, which would make it possible to call back as a priority the victim of an assault and provide information. information to the police, in particular thanks to the geolocation of the race. Other measures are expected after Friday’s demonstration, including the establishment of “Reaction-awareness groups” by Facebook and Telegram, or the boycott of certain restaurants.

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