Emmanuel Macron’s report card after his announcements against Covid-19

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We will no doubt long remember this Wednesday evening when the President of the Republic advised us to “Not to be more than six at the table”. We already knew that this configuration is a source of discomfort in urban apartments around tables that do not have an extension. We discovered that it was now a question of behaving in “United citizens” and to forget that we were until this Wednesday evening, “Free individuals”. A page in our history is turning.

Behind his immaculate design office, a good distance from Anne Sophie Lapix (France 2) and Gilles Bouleau (TF1), Emmanuel Macron spoke as a coach of the nation as the second half of a knockout match begins against the Covid. “Curfew from 9 pm to 6 am for four weeks in Ile-de-France in eight metropolises”, decreed the Head of State after having analyzed the new viral wave which threatens to saturate our health care system and to kill more and more lives (already 33,000 deaths in seven months)… It is a question of tightening our defense collective.

By proclaiming this restriction on freedom of movement (except for workers with a safe conduct!), The president, who had not spoken on the subject since the announcement of deconfinement at the end of the month of Last April, changed direction with this mixture of aplomb and energy which characterizes all his reversals since his election! Once again, the turn is brutal. The recovery plan presented as a priority is overshadowed by the resurgence of the epidemic. And the state of health emergency established from October 17. It’s the return of “Biopower” which regulates our lives to better save them.

Play it like Philippe!

Unpublished to fight against a disease, the curfew evokes times of war. Emmanuel Macron certified that he had been effective in Guyana. But he was careful not to adopt the martial accents that had characterized his first interventions as a warlord against the virus. No posture of general in chief. Emmanuel Macron seems to have been inspired by the example of his former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, whose frankness and transparency have permanently seduced the public. Be careful not to “Infantilize” the French, the president praised their collective discipline during confinement. Aware of the sacrifices he asks of his fellow citizens, Emmanuel Macron wanted to show empathy. In particular for young people deprived of an outing:

“It’s not easy to be 20 years old in 2020”.

The president recognized the lack of effectiveness of the testing policy: too many queues at the entrance to the labs, too much waiting to know the results. But he assured that the swabs for all strategy is the right one to follow and contain the epidemic that will be among us “Until summer 2021”. Painful agenda. But the Elysée laboratory technician is expecting a lot from the arrival of new saliva and antigenic tests …

Political responsibility

To make up for the shortfall in restaurants, bars, theaters and all sectors shut down after 9 p.m., the president promised a “Support policy”. The “Whatever the cost” remains. And the poorest, struck by disease and the resulting economic precariousness, should be granted exceptional aid of 150 euros.

“A strict curfew can be an effective measure”

Faced with journalists reduced to the role of witnesses, Emmanuel Macron, serious but serene, seemed to have the answer to everything. In the tradition of a centralized and concentrated power, it appealed to the civility of a worried and defiant people. Despite the language precautions, will this umpteenth vertical and paternalistic communication convince? It is hard to see how the population of metropolitan areas threatened by the pandemic could shirk or even rebel. But the head of state, he brings into play his political responsibility. If he had not reacted, his vital prognosis would have been engaged. But if the new device is not enough to stop the evil, he will lose life points.

Emmanuel Macron’s notes

Behavior: 6/10

Neither martial nor too talkative, the president mastered the educational exercise centered on the shocking announcement of the curfew. It was a question of regaining a foothold in the sanitary field too quickly deserted since the deconfinement. Presented by Prime Minister Jean Castex, the measure would have been less audible. Once again, the Elysee sees itself in the obligation to eclipse Matignon.

Skills: 7/10

Good knowledge of the file. The president even managed to explain how “All Anti-Covid” works, the new version of the virus tracking application superbly ignored by its Prime Minister. As long as it works …

Strategy: 3/10

Faced with an unpredictable virus, the executive sails on sight. This makes its trajectory incomprehensible, even erratic, in the eyes of a large part of the public. Only pedagogy and frankness are admitted. On condition of being effective in action …

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