Droplets from mouth or nose in winter will increase the risk of Corona virus infection: Scientist

September 5, 2017 by No Comments

Los Angeles.A major cause of corona virus outbreaks during the summer season is exposure to infected small aerosol particles (solid or vapor particles present in the air), while the main cause of infection spread in winter is from mouth or nose during exhaling, coughing or sneezing. Dropped drops may come in direct contact.
It has been reported in a study published in the journal ‘Nano Latters’.

According to the study, the social distance guidelines being followed at this time are inadequate to avoid infection of Kovid-19. “The CDC recommends maintaining a six-foot social distance, but we found that most of the conditions are breathable,” said Yanayig Zhu, researcher and study co-author of the University of California (UC) Santa Barbara in the US. She goes more than six feet. Experts said that the cold temperature inside the house kept the virus contagious longer. He said that the virus “can remain contagious in various environments for several minutes to more than a day.”

Researchers said that on the other hand, small drops exhaled through hot or dry places evaporate quickly, whereas in winter it does not.
Zhao said that infections are spread more by aerosol than by air-borne drops in summer, while in winter, inhaled drops are more dangerous. “This means that according to the local environment, people need to take different favorable steps to prevent the spread of the disease,” he said. Scientists have recommended keeping more social distance in winter and wearing good masks in summer and use of air filters. (Agency)


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