Dr Naresh Arora, Director, Chase Aromatherapy Cosmetics and Beauty Expert Neeti Arora decoded

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Shared aromatherapy PK effective remedies.

In the present time, we all saw the dreadful form of Pandemic like corona virus and also saw that vaccine was the most important weapon to protect from seriousness of corona, same everyone focused on strengthening the immune system through their diet and nutrition and natural and herbal recipes. Make it a part of your daily diet routine. On the one hand, where allopathic medicines saved people from the serious symptoms of corona, the side effects with these medicines were also very surprising and disturbing, most of them were problems related to heart, lungs, black fungus, respiratory system. .

At the same time, we also saw how natural and herbal remedies proved to be helpful in reducing the severe consequences and severe symptoms of corona. Whenever there is talk of natural therapy, the topic of aromatherapy definitely arises, today where aromatherapy oils are used in beauty products, the same aroma oils are becoming an important part of people’s beauty, skin and hair care. Not all of us are unaware of its innumerable benefits and know how aromatherapy is a very effective therapy to fight skin, hair and beauty problems. Not only this, aromatherapy oils also have such properties that can protect us from many diseases and symptoms etc. Won’t be wrong. There are some essential oils in aromatherapy, using which you can easily remove not only the symptoms of corona and the side effects of allopathic medicines. Dr. Naresh Arora, Director, Chase Aromatherapy Cosmetics, and Neeti Arora, beauty expert and aromatherapist, shared with us useful information about such essential oils and issued commands and also highlighted the right way to use them so that you can get the full benefits of these oils. Can you

According to Dr Naresh Arora, essential oils may not help you in preventing and or preventing corona, but they are important in controlling your symptoms and mildNo one will deny that aromatherapy is an extremely soothing, safe and effective therapy, but first and foremost, this therapy is the art of healing healing and has powerful effects on both mind and body. A holistic holistic healing approach, aromatherapy is rooted in the dual use of essential oils and massage, thus making full use of our two most important senses – smell and touch. So far we have seen this type and form of aromatherapy but now with the passage of time when different types of new and dangerous viruses are posing a difficult problem in front of us and it is compulsion for all of us to take allopathic medicines, we use aromatherapy to reduce the side effects of covid. can use for

Congestion in the upper respiratory tract due to corona, shortness of breath and difficulty, congestive issues in the lungs, post corona trauma, depression, stress, mood swings, low immunity, fear of catching the virus again, people face even after recovery from corona And its adverse effect is also falling on our personality, routine and overall health.

In these types of problems, you can use Eucalyptus eucalyptus oil as a flu, cold and cough suppressant, this essential oil helps you in congestion as well as controls your inflammation and also acts as an antiseptic. also works. Along with this, the properties of lemongrass oil are also antifungal, antibacterial and rose oil helps you to eliminate depression, gref, nervous system, tension.: Eucalyptus oil helps to clean the nasal passages and airways. The same carrot seed oil also helps in reducing toxins and boosting immunity, it strengthens the mucus membrane and also prevents the infection from growing. In addition, Mandarin and Grapefruit Oils stimulate your lymphatic system, which helps fight infection. Additionally, Rosemary, Geranium to Exotic Patcholi Oils also have many other properties. It also has benefits that are relaxing and invigorating and are antiseptic, antibacterial and disinfectant in their essence. They can be applied to the body and or inhaled in a number of ways, they can be used for bathing, compression and or skin, face, head, and body massage purposes.

The new variants of Corona are also a challenge for the medical fraternity and they also have a mystery associated with them where the common man is scared and confused by the situation and in such a situation he is also confused about the treatment. Where science has worked to save us to a great extent from this epidemic, the same alternative and ancient therapies which are based on herbs and natural aromatherapy essential oils and the trend of people towards these therapies is also very big and these therapies as a saving grace. have appeared in. Aroma therapy oils have many vital elements and natural oils are more active than synthetically created oils, and there is no fear of any adverse reaction with them. For example, the whole aromatic essence is more powerful than just the components such as Basilani Basil and Eucalyptus Oils which are used to treat common flu and viral infections in the upper respiratory system and trachea.

Helps prevent it from spreading in the body.

These essential oils are a treasure trove of properties and work to attack bacteria due to their antibacterial and antiviral properties and at the same time do not damage our own tissues, not only this essential oils also make our body’s immune system strong and They work to protect us from any kind of germs, viruses and microbes etc. Among these essential oils, there are such oils as lavender, lime, rosemary, lemon grass etc. which also help us in the healing process, and accelerate the process of healing.

To see the good effect of these oils, you can do hot steam and add 2-3 drops of essential oils and do this process twice a day, in 5 minutes this steam will clean the pathway of your lungs and remove any It will be helpful in preventing the growth of any type of viral infection. This process can be effective in preventing any flu symptoms from becoming serious and can also strengthen your immunity to prevent possible infections.

Let’s know from Dr. Naresh Arora different ways of using them properly; You can use these oils in different ways:

You can use these oils in your home by setting up aromatherapy burners or diffusers and can also use them to diffuse airborne viruses at home.

You can use steam inhalation for respiratory infections.

You can also inhale by putting a few drops of aroma oils in a handkerchief or tissue paper.

You can also massage these oils by mixing them with the base oil.

You can increase your protection against viruses by adding in an inhaled alcohol-based hand sanitizer.


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