Diet Chart: Brown rice can be tried once by eating rice shearers, obesity will also be reduced and stress and other diseases will also get rid of

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Internet desk. People who give special attention to fitness tend to shy away from eating rice. Because eating rice not only increases body fat, but also causes hunger again and again but if you are eating brown rice, the risk of weight gain is reduced to a great extent. Most people do not know the difference between brown and white rice.

So let’s know what are the benefits of eating brown rice …

First of all, it is important to know what is the difference between brown rice and white rice. Actually, the straw of brown rice is not removed, due to which its nutrients remain as much as whole grains. The straw of white rice is removed and processed and made with white polish. Many of the nutrients present in rice are reduced during this processing. However, due to its taste, its long time to cook and not being able to be kept for long, people in India often do not like to take it, but now with the help of better technology, brown rice can be kept longer. .

Benefits of brown rice
Brown rice has many advantages over white rice. Brown rice contains nutrients rich in vitamins, some minerals, lignans and phyto-chemical and anti-oxidants. These contain vitamin E, selenium, manganese. It should be included in your diet regularly. Brown rice is one of the best forms of whole grains. It contains plenty of anti-oxidants to prevent oxidative stress and diseases of the body.

Other advantages

1. Helps in reducing obesity.
2. Reduces the risk of diabetes.
3. Completes magnesium deficiency in bones.
4. It is helpful in preventing stomach disorders.
5. Due to low GI feel stomach full.
6. More fiber fills the stomach quickly.
7. Anti-oxidant helps in preventing stress and diseases.


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